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Rocky Point Cycle (RPC) was established and opened for business in June of 1982 on Rocky Point Road in Gainesville, Florida; with significant waypoints in Ohio and West Virginia we are now located in Hudson, Massachusetts, about 35 miles west of Boston, and have been serving our customers for over 10 years at this location. The current owner, William (Bill) Blake, is an active motorcyclist with over 55 years of saddle time. Bill has won many awards for his builds both German and British; his builds emphasize reliability; a natural for RPC’s guiding principles.

Recent Technical Articles

BMW Twist Grip

You may have probably noticed a notchy feel when operating the twist grip, a condition that comes with age and use, like...

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Stainless Steel

A light coating of an anti-seize compound is suggested with the use of stainless steel fasteners; this suggestion should...

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Boyer ignitions: Installing on 1979 and 1980 BMW motorcycles

1) Due to casting tolerances in the BMW point’s plate area and similar tolerances with the Boyer stator plate the stat...

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Effect of Temperature on Mikuni Carbs

Your new Mikuni carbs are jetted to operate best when the ambient temperature is between 55 degrees (F) and 85 degrees (...

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Long Term Motorcycle Storage (8 weeks or longer)

Storage with un-stabilized alcohol blended fuel will gum up the calibrated parts in your new Mikuni carbs (any carbs for...

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Hard Brake Pipes

A word about stainless brake pipes: It is a rare occasion when a replacement brake pipe is an exact fit; usually there i...

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